Different Types Of Mental Health Professionals

Most people suffering from mental health disorders are confused as to which professional they should go for treatment. In fact, there are different types of mental health professionals in the world. You have to choose the right professional to get the most effective treatments for your condition. It may not be an easy task with so many different types of mental health professionals out there. This is where your research will come in handy. This article provides information on the different types of mental health professionals so that you can choose the best professional for your condition.

There are mental health professionals who can offer psychological assessments and therapy but cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist is one such professional. He or she is a psychologist with a doctoral degree in psychology. They can make certain diagnoses and provide therapy to the individual or group of patients. A school psychologist is another professional with an advanced degree in psychology from an accredited psychological institution or program. They are trained to work with school staff to maximize the productivity within the school setting. But both these types of professionals cannot prescribe medications.

There are other types of mental health workers who are trained to offering counseling but cannot prescribe medications. A licensed professional counselor is one such professional. Most of the time, they have a masters degree in psychology and counseling from a reputed psychology school. They are trained to diagnose and offer group and individual counseling. But they cannot prescribe medications. A clinical social worker is a similar type of professional who cannot prescribe medications but can offer to counsel. They also have a masters degree in psychology most of the time. These professionals are usually active in hospital settings. Alcohol and drug abuse counselor is another category of mental health professional. They have specific clinical training in dealing with alcohol and drug abuse cases. They can offer to counsel but cannot prescribe any medications. A marital and family therapist has a similar qualification. They are trained to provide counseling but not medications. Nurse Psychotherapist is a registered nurse trained in providing counseling and mental health nursing. They cannot prescribe any medications similar to the other professionals in this group.

There are other types of therapists with an advance degree in psychology who are trained in specialized forms of therapy such as art therapy, relaxation therapy, and music therapy. All these professional are experts at diagnosing the mental health condition and providing counseling to their clients. But they are not in a position to prescribe any medications to their patients.

A psychiatrist is a mental health professional who is trained to prescribe medications to his/her patients. Most of the time, a psychiatrist will not provide any counseling or therapy. But there are some professionals who provide therapy to their patients. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has received special training in diagnosing and treating certain mental and emotional disorders. They will prescribe medications depending on the mental condition that is affecting the patient. A child/adolescent psychiatrist is a medical doctor with special training in dealing with mental and emotional issues of children and adolescents. These professionals can prescribe medications to deal with mental health conditions of kids but they may not provide psychotherapy most of the time. Psychiatric or mental health nurse practitioner is another type of mental health professional out there. He or she is a registered nurse practitioner with a degree and special training in dealing with various mental health conditions of their patients. They can diagnose and treat certain mental health conditions. Likewise, a primary care physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant are qualified to provide diagnosis and treatments to mental health conditions. Most of the time, these professional’s may require additional qualifications depending on the regulations of each state in the country.

In conclusion, with so many types of mental health doctors out there, most patients are confused when they try to consult the right professional to deal with their mental health condition. This is where they need to do extensive research in finding the right professional. This read offers information on the different kinds of mental health professionals out there.

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